Welcome / Tervetuloa

The holistic view on your problems, the best procedure for you and a very attentively accompaniment on your way are the central spots of my work for you.

I like to be with you in all questions of life, health and emotions.

Please ask for my support with psychosomatic items, interpersonal problems, difficulties in your job or company, geopathic questions (bedroom or working space) or any other issue concerning your wellbeing.

I am active as a spiritual healer since more than 20 years and since 2012 I added the competence as an alternative psychotherapist and family constellator, since 2015 I am a Spagyrik-therapist as well.

To you I can offer many different techniques and tools, such as channeling, chrystal healing with Atlantean background, psychosomatics, family constellation, energetic chiropractice, energetic reconstruction of organs, spagyrik (alchemistic plantmedicine), energetic teamcoaching, geopathics, support for New Children or HSP, and many more.

You can meet me in Finland, mostly in summertime but also during different finnish events and fairs with spiritual content or health related events.

It is possible to book appointments any time.

Here you can find my contacts.

In case you cannot meet me personally we also can arrange sessions via Skype/Zoom or phone.