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Sunnuntai 29.3.2020 klo 12:00-12:50

The trauma effect on family history – Trauman vaikutus perhekuviossa

Barbara Hauser
Sunnuntai 29.3.2020 klo 13:00-13:50

Luento tulkataan suomeksi.

Many of our recent problems, whether health, life or emotional problems, are based on the experiences of our ancestors. Each trauma, each braking the rules of the system that happened decades before is able to reach us today. If we want to work in a holistic way, we also have to take into consideration the power of our family system and history.

Trauma is a strong power that is able not only to reach us in a single moment and maybe a few days and weeks after a hard emotional situation, but it can change our life and the life of our children and following generations. Meanwhile scientists found out the mechanisms that block normal reactions in our body, caused by very strong emotions. Now we step into the field of epigenetic.
So trauma is far from being an unimportant psycho-stuff, but a scientific proved emotion-driven chemical reaction with the potential to change everything.

Family Constellation is a method to make contact with the foregone generations of our family, to discover what happened and especially which emotions were associated with these situations. It gives us tools to solve the blocking energies. It is a wonderful energetic and efficient way of work, because it is on point and very fast.
I am a healer and alternative psychotherapist in Germany, energy and light worker, crystal healer and teacher accompanied by angels and spiritual beings. My work is always a combination from all influences I had and still have while being connected. My interest in people helps me to find out there needs.

While Finland is my second home, so there will be chances for appointments and healing sessions, workshops and lectures all over the year. I also offer appointments via Skype, so we also can work from a distance, when I am in Germany. In summer time you will meet me in Seinäjoki, Alajärvi, Kuortane, Karstula and other places. Please find more information on my homepage or in social media.

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