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Welcome ...

Events in November

You can meet me 1. - 4. November 2019  in Joensuu for treatments, lectures and workshops in Voi Pyhä Jyssäys, Papinkatu 3, 80110 Joensuu

Treatments:  please arrange appointments with the management from Voi  Pyhä Jyssäys  or contact me via email or Facebook messenger.

Workshops:  02. and 03.11.2018 there will be two workshops (Chrystal Healing and Gem Essences).

My first time in Joenssu in 2018 was a very amazing time for me, it was possible to meet so many wonderful people, to learn a lot about different ways of healing and will enjoy to return in 2019! See you all!


-  Healing Hands

-  Energetic Chiropractice

-  Systemic Familiy Constellations

-  Crystal Energy Work (Atlantean Techniques, New Methods)

-  Channeling

-  Angeltherapy

-  ENERGENETICS® (by Frank Alper)

-  Removal of Carmic and Ancestoral Patterns and Connections

-  Energetic Organ-Reconstruction

And also...

-  Energetic Advices for Live and Job

-  Geopathic Examination of Rooms and Places

-  Balancing of Room- and House Energies

-  New Children

Please keep in mind: I am no medical doctor and an energetic treatment does not replace a treatment of school medicine! But of cause I do treat You in addition to that, also with the doctors knowledge and consent.