Welcome ...

The main topics in my work are:

-  energetic work as mental healer

activities to inform about different subjects of energy and energetic works (lecture, seminars, classes...)

-  intense advice on the New Children (Indigos,Crystal Children, Ray Children...)


Energetic activating of Your selfhealing power with different techniques in   Mental Healing:

-  Healing Hands

-  Balancing and Harmonizing of Energies

-  Aura, Chakras and Meridians

-  Anchoring

-  Energetic Chiropractice

-  Familiy Constellations

-  Crystal Energy Work (Atlantean Techniques, New Methods)

-  Channeling

-  Angeltherapy

-  ENERGENETICS® (by Frank Alper)

-  Removal of Carmic and Ancestoral Patterns and Connections

-  Energetic Organ-Reconstruction

And also...

-  Energetic Advices for Live and Job

-  Geopathic Examination of Rooms and Places

-  Balancing of Room- and House Energies

-  New Children

Please keep in mind: I am no medical doctor and an energetic treatment does not replace a treatment of school medicine! But of cause I do treat You in addition to that, also with the doctors knowledge and consent.